Your energy is the master key that unlocks your happiness, your business income, your visibility and the impact your work makes on the world.


Your work is the Sacred Solution for every dream and every vision you have for the world.

I know you have a big vision for the world, and a business to lead.

And I know how hard it is to lead that business alone.

If you are a Spiritual Entrepreneur and keep on spinning your wheels and feel like you will never get ahead because no matter how much you earn, it’s never enough, or no matter how many zero’s or how much money you see in your bank account, you still feel like you could lose it all at any moment, the secret shift is that you MUST become Energy Aware and align with the energetics of making money.

If you are a Spiritual Entrepreneur and you aren’t attracting enough ideal clients or your clients completely drain you, or you are so burned out, overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to manage your energy, your life and your business all at the same time, the vital missing piece you MUST have is to become Energy Aware so that you can truly co create with spirit, your intuition and your body’s wisdom in order to lead your irresistible business with complete clarity, confidence and effectiveness, finally claim your sacred wealth and worth, and get real lasting results in your business.

I support spiritual entrepreneurs like you to become Energy Aware and shift your energy sensitivities into Superpowers you can call upon and use as leverage to create an irresistible business you love so that you can powerfully lead your work out into the world, make more money, be more visible and make a bigger impact on the world.

If you are ready to work with a business coach:

♦who speaks your language and can help you step out of ‘the business fog’ and into business clarity so you can take the exact next steps you need to flow your business energy

♦who will help you to work the energy that increases the flow of money

♦who will help you step out of energy sensitive hell and into the truth, your energy is a SuperPower you are meant to use to succeed and positively impact the world.

♦who will help you create a clear Sacred Wealth Roadmap for your business that lives in ONE container that you can draw upon for clarity, confidence and direction

♦My Sacred Invitation is for you to invite me to have a call with you by filling out this form here.

In our call together, you will see the SuperPower that you hold within you, you will see what is possible by seeing yourself as the blessing in your business and your life, and you will see the clear path to creating the income, the visibility and the impact you wish to create for this world.

I look forward to the Magic that shows up in our call together!

See you there!

Love and blessings,

Kaeleya xo

*I have group and private program options and we can see together what the best fit is for you and your business.

"My experience and work with Kaeleya has been positive and life changing. It’s literally peeling off layers, like an onion, of decades old stuff. Prior to meeting Kaeleya, I always thought and waited for my environment to change in order for my life to get better. But after working with Kaeleya, I realized it was ME that had to change!! My true inner self needed to shine through and out and into the world for my life to change in a positive direction. No more auto pilot. I am in the driver seat now!"

− Monica Gutierrez, Founder of Egretta Designs