Embrace the blessings in your life with deep joy and gratitude.

I have worked with Kaeleya for many years. She is not only an amazing human being but has many very special gifts. She has incredible intuition: sometimes I think she can see straight through my soul! Her intuitive and practical advice really has changed my life into a much more authentic one while helping me become more intuitive myself, has given me peace of mind many times, and has opened my eyes to much clarity. She is not only connected to Mother Earth and the Goddess, she is a Goddess herself! Although she has special and unique abilities, she is also very down to earth, open, honest and even funny! May I repeat, her intuition, support and approach is second to none.

Gloria Alvarez | CEO Alvarez Holdings

Anne Burkholder

Kaeleya knows how to guide you through the (re)discovery of who you are and the “work” you are called to do in the world; to reach deeply into yourself and integrate body, mind, and soul so that you are able to see and be in the world embodying the love and peace of the divine in your relationships, your profession, and daily living. I “live and move and have my being” in the world in a wonderfully different way because of her.

Anne Burkholder | Associate Dean, Emory University

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I am delighted that on my road back to my truest and most authentic self that I have had the immense pleasure to work with Kaeleya. I am in a vastly different place than when we started working together. I look forward to seeing how the future unfolds and I am certain that the road will be sweeter and juicier in virtue of the work that Kaeleya and I are doing together.

Audrey Eisner-Hoeller | V.P. Herbalife Global

Noemi Castro

Kaeleya is an absolute Goddess filled with laughter, love, non sugar-coated straight talk and infinite wisdom. Kaeleya has taught me to how to open pathways in my thinking and in my life. In short, she is the best professional I could ever imagine to guide me on my personal, spiritual and entrepreneurial journey. If you are a woman who is ready to heed your calling, commit to stepping into the biggest shoes of your life..AND..you are willing to truly, deeply grow, then Kaeleya is the right guide for you. Working with Kaeleya is game changer. Guaranteed.

Noemi Castro | Creator of Heart-Centered Home | noemicastro.com

Stephanie Allen

During our work together Kaeleya guided and encouraged me along this wild adventure of living on the planet as a “messy” human. Along the way I mined treasures within myself I had buried under a bunch of crap and false beliefs. We did hard work together but the shift for me has been towards an easier flow with obstacles and challenges rather than a crash and explode. Her reminder was often as simple as choosing love. Kaeleya communicates with a poetic plain speak that sparks continuous ah-ha moments of awakening.

Stephanie Allen | earning my living as a Creative Marketing Strategist

Monica Guiterrez

Kaeleya has helped me move out of my stagnant state in life, and move into a positive life changing direction. I am so blessed to have met her and am so blessed to be working with her. She is a loving being and is a wonderful teacher. I can’t imagine how my life would be at this moment without her work.

Monica Gutierrez | Founder of Egretta Holdings

Martine Shandles

Immediately my relationships began to change, and what I truly wanted in my heart of hearts came forward! I have also uncovered what I want to do for the rest of my life, and I can not even begin to list all of the old blocks, stories, and mental challenges that have been removed. Kaeleya is absolutely amazing, she is life changing and she gives you all of the compassion support she has to offer, so if you’re ready to make a change be ready to do the work because she will align you with your true self, her guidance is empowering!

Martine Shandles | thehappyyogi.tumblr.com

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Kaeleya is a powerful friend, coach and cheerleader along my personal journey and entrepreneurial quest. She has the ability to really zero in on the patterns and obstacles that keep you from where you want to go, and helps take you deeper into yourself and your work. A session with Kaeleya always leaves me feeling more self aware and hopeful. She is a talented and wise woman and it feels good knowing I have her by my side as I continue to grow in my life and business!

Marlene Katz | Producer

Brad Redmon

Kaeleya is the most amazing person I have ever worked with. She prepared me to meet the woman of my dreams and helped me uncover my soul purpose, and then provided me with the tools to make both a reality. Kaeleya’s goddess energy has deepened my understanding of women and helped me take a more complete approach to my business. I would not be anywhere close to where I am today without Kaeleya’s wisdom and guidance.

Brad Redmon | Planet Conservationist

My life will never be the same after working with Kaeleya. She is a beacon of love and light. When I discovered Kaeleya, I felt both immensely drawn to her and, at the same time, resistant to committing to the intense process of collaboration that working with Kaeleya entails. I am so grateful that, with Kaeleya’s gentle support, my readiness to tackle the blocks that were holding me back from living a life of grace and peace was stronger than my resistance. Thanks to Kaeleya’s enormous gifts and loving energy, those blocks have dissolved, allowing me to find my heart and my life’s purpose. Kaeleya works unlike anybody else I’ve ever worked with. She sees deep within you, and then leads you, with immense compassion and tenderness, to those areas where your own internal barriers are preventing you from seeing and knowing yourself. And once you know yourself, the path to your future becomes clear. There is perhaps no greater gift of Divine grace than to find yourself, your true self, hidden under the veils of the ego. Kaeleya’s supreme gift is to help you to do just that.


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Since beginning my work with Kaeleya I have made tremendous strides both personally and professionally. She’s helped me to know my own value and take myself seriously, get really clear about what I desire most deeply for my life and the planet, and provided me with practical tools to achieve my goals. With her guidance I’m able to grow my life and my business in ways I didn’t think possible.

Alexis Brown | Human on a Mission

Sue Lansil

I have gained so much clarity and peace in working with Kaeleya over the last few years. She has helped me uncover some very cleverly hidden things from my past. This has given me a greater sense of myself, and what has been stopping me from moving forward in various aspects of my life. I am so grateful for her warm, loving, wonderfully intuitive guidance.

Sue Lansil | Head Enchantress of Lansil Holdings

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She radiates love, light, and wisdom…all goodness, truth and beauty…far and wide. Always has, and always will. A genuine conduit for grace and miracles.

Robert Aiken | Astrologer, Metaphysician, Therapeutic Counsellor, and Writer

Alison Acaster

Working with Kaeleya is like finding a lighthouse when you’ve been stumbling through a thick fog. Information flows through her unedited, providing illumination, guidance, and often comfort (or sometimes discomfort in a good/growing way) enabling the seeker to find their bearings and choose an appropriate path upon which to continue their life’s journey. I trust her implicitly; when I find myself lost or confused she is the person I turn to for help.

Alison Acaster | Usui Reiki Master

Laura Rubinstein

Kaeleya is a Gift…It is amazing how much ground can be covered in a single session. I am still processing all the layers of insight that Kaeleya offers. Her loving presence is a gift and her positive dynamic energy is delightful. I am truly grateful for her presence in my life.

Laura Rubinstein | CHT and Marketing Strategist | transformtoday.com

Linda Hunt

Since working with Kaeleya everything has shifted. I clearly see my purpose! The biggest problem I struggled with before working with Kaeleya was learning how to balance being supportive to others and asking to be supported. Oftentimes when I asked for support, I felt as if no one was available, I felt under-appreciated and alone. I have a deeper understanding of my intuitive ability and how to use that very same ability in allowing myself to receive support from others. The shifts Kaeleya has helped me to experience have completely transformed my life, bringing in a rewarding loving relationship, more compassion and understanding of my clients and best of all, a better understanding of me and what I am here to do and how.

Linda Hunt | sumsolutions.com

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If you’re seeking clarity, growth, unconditional love and support, no matter where you are in your own journey, Kaeleya is the trail guide you want with you on your path. Our time together is about real world, grounded, here-and-now stuff.Before working with Kaeleya, I was stuck. I wasn’t able to get out of my own way. I was overworked, and overwhelmed. From our first session, I felt such a bond of trust with Kaeleya. I literally felt a space open up where I could breathe, center and move forward once again. We are not working on “fixing” anything; it’s more about clearing the path to a more whole, expanded version of me.Her intelligence and intuition, along with her wisdom, empathy, and commitment to support me in whatever ways I need support—that’s what makes her so unique. Kaeleya is intuitive, insightful, massively supportive and fully present with me each and every time we work together. She is my most trusted advisor and has become my very dear friend.

Kristin L. Stewart | PhD, Author, Advisor & Adventure Guide