Bringing Your Powerful Work Out Into The World Through An Irresistible Business You Love


Welcome Spiritual Business Women, Energy Sensitive Entrepreneurs, Empaths, Healers, Light Workers and Energy Workers!

I am so happy you are here.

I would love to connect with you and see how I can help you gather your powerful gifts and bring them out into the world through an irresistible business that you love!

I can teach you the same alignment strategies that have helped my clients find their true Divine Feminine Power and create higher levels of success, wealth and happiness.

You can make more money, make a bigger impact, and fully claim your sacred wealth and success.

Together, we will get clear on your hidden oppositions and illuminate your true gifts so that you can claim your Sacred Power and use it to flow the energy of your business with clarity and confidence leading the way, using strategies and practices that bring real results.

Please understand that not all applications will be accepted so please fill this out fully. If I feel I can really help you, I’ll set up a complimentary call to assess your business, your strengths and your blocks, and then get you connected to the core inner and outer areas that you’ll need to reach your goals in 2018.

With love and blessings,

Kaeleya XO

Kaeleya Rayne will help you find the soul driver for your business; she focuses on your heart –the heart for your business! She has a unique approach to solving blocks and business issues.

Kaeleya’s heart is so big! Her purpose to help others see the ‘big picture’ is filled with heart-felt tools, unique for each one of her clients. She is adamant to help you stand in your own skin, with your own purpose, before sending your message into the universe.

I’ve had several coaches over the years, but Kaeleya can get right to the core. I’ve made so many positive shifts in my business! I can stand stronger today, confident that my message will be heard.

Thanks so much, Kaeleya!

Kathryn WilkingOwner | Kathryn Wilking Feng Shui Designs |

Working with Kaeleya was paramount. She helped me to recognize that my limitations are self imposed. Truly realizing that I am the source of my own conflict gives me the power and trust to be the solution. This type of knowledge is not temporary, it will continue to serve me. It's from Kaeleya's own wealth of wisdom that she is able to guide us up into higher levels of being in business and in life.

Emma AnneCo-Owner | The Melonlight Ballroom |

I just wanted to take a moment to share with you my experiences in working with Kaeleya. I met Kaeleya and I began working with her shortly thereafter. I had just opened up a brand new business and, I had also just gone through a pretty awful divorce; as they all are, I suppose.

Since then my business is flourishing, she helps me in ways that are difficult to explain, it is almost like having a business partner without having anyone tied to your profits. I can work for myself and by myself but I have her to bounce my ideas off of, keep me motivated and on track as though I have another partner in my business. I am getting busier every day. She has also helped me focus my attention on the things that are important to me in my business, the things that I like doing, the things that inspire me and feel passionate about...

My favourite thing about working with Kaeleya, is that in Denver I was working with a therapist, a life coach, and a spiritual healer all separate, independent of each other. What I found in Kaeleya is that she brings all of these three aspects together for me. She acts like a therapist a lot of the time, she is my life and business coach all of the time, and she is a healer which I find incredibly comforting to just have all of these in one place. I get everything I need from her...and I am not constantly trying to take what the therapist said and the healer said and mesh them together on my own, because they all have different languages.

Love you Kaeleya!

Maggie MaeFounder and CEO of Blossom