Intuitive Coaching: I Know You Are a Force For Good.

You can feel the wisdom that runs through your mind and your heart and soul.

You know you came here to make a difference.

My Aha this week, enter extra benefits of being an intuitive coach…

My husband has been traveling a great deal. And in the midst of taking care of our beloved child, 2 dogs, 4 cats, 13 hens, doggy messes from one stressed out ‘ I freakin HATE thunderstorms dog’, and getting back into school mode, I find myself gaining perspective from the work we did just before he left town.

The work? Uncovering our money blueprint.

This note isn’t really about money by the way, if anything it is a sign of how much one core pattern can affect the many branches of our lives in our businesses and in our personal lives. ( and yes they are two, even tho we bring all of our stuff with us, we are NOT our businesses. )

So…we discovered some pretty big, ‘OMG, yup, wow, that’s new and well, there’s that pattern again’ openings in our awareness.

And then, about 2 weeks after we had done the work of uncovering the tangles, while driving alone…alone time, woot!, …it all started to fall into place.

See there is one thing I know about you, about me, about everyone we know.

We all have a Saboteur. But who is she? How does she serve us?

Here’s how intuitive coaching helped me gain this incredible insight.

Intuitive Coaching: Aha #1

Our Saboteur actually points directly to the path of success. Outsmart her and gain momentum every time she shows up.


(ˈsæb əˌtɑʒ)
“any undermining of a cause, plan, or effort.”

We will usually find the Saboteur on the path to our success. So…in the direction you are heading, there she will be.

What does this mean?

It means that when you hear the crap of self doubt, ‘I don’t know if I have enough certifications to connect with great clients. I don’t know if I can really pull this off. I don’t know if I am strong enough to stay steady. I can’t fully show up for my team in the way they need me to. I don’t know if I am really good at what I do.’….you have two choices.

1. Listen and feel drained and lose track.


2. Listen, and look at it for what it is. An opportunity to highlight and illuminate where you are headed and kick the thought into one that supports your path. See beyond the game she is playing with you.

Just remove the word don’t or can’t.

“I have enough certifications to connect with great clients and really pull this off.”

“I know I am strong enough to stay steady and fully show up for my team.”

“I AM actually really good at what I do.”

Be smarter than your Saboteur. You are designed for that by the way, Wise Woman.

Intuitive Coaching: Aha #2

Self Sabotage will show up in your energetic experiences. Learn how to be in charge of your path.

Now I am not talking about control. No. That’s a nightmare right? Oh God, trying to control the path of your business, AHH! Been there! And every time I show back up to check out if I can control the path, it’s just as much of a black hole as it was the last time I checked in. Eventually I will just stop checking…more on that later. 😉

However, you can be in charge of:

  • Earning more revenues by focusing on your KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators)
  • Developing conscious partnerships with your Self and your Divine Team by doing the inner work
  • Gaining momentum and receiving the harvest of your efforts by taking strategic, focused and consistent actions.
  • Focusing on your natural talents and turning them into strengths that you use to live a more successful (hands down), happier (without doubt), freer (sweet freedom!) life by letting go of trying to be great at something that isn’t a raw talent, and focusing instead on what is.

Yes. You can.

Ok wait, I was telling you a story about driving alone…here’s what happened.

I was driving in my jeep. Early morning, having just dropped off my daughter at school.

As an intuitive business coach I uncover obstacles that show up in the outer world of my client’s businesses, I could feel the pull of my own intuition tugging at my mind and soul.

I have learned from experience that we succeed in such a deeper way when we bring the soul of who we are into the soul of the business we are running. And when we commit to fully showing up for that business and the mission it serves, we are asked to shed the crap of old. We are asked to come to the table with a clean plate, ready to go. And when we bring a clear mind into the nuts and bolts of doing business, it creates a perfect storm of success.

The day before I had worked through an intensive with a client who, for the first time, saw her Saboteur as clear as day. We looked at it together, there it was…that one hidden core pattern that she was committed to that guaranteed she would be able to prove her value. Intuitive coaching provided her with this.

I call this a default dominant pattern.

It is HIDDEN. Big time. But then, when you shine the light on it, bam, there it is. In plain sight, magic yes?

That is the universe showing up to support your focused intention for growth and freedom.

You need only but look with the intention of stepping into alignment with what you came here to do. Make sense?

So…I was so happy for her. It’s hard work that, but she was relieved to finally get it. And she knew exactly how to work it through to create the change she had been wanting for YEARS!

P.S. Shit can be layered. Patterns can be layered. We are layered. Like an onion. So even tho we do the work, we uncover, we bless, we release, we build, we move on,..because we are growing and evolving, our needs grow and evolve, and so do our patterns…it is what it is…in time, the patterns become like a soft brush on your cheek as opposed to the cast iron pan on the head. Promise. 😉

…in my jeep, driving had my conscious mind’s attention, and the layers bubbled up for me to see my hidden pattern.

“I am a speaker.”

“I download systems and thought freedom information daily.”

“I download systems and thought freedom information daily.”

“I am a channel. This is my life. All of my life.”

Why isn’t that information EVERYWHERE OUT THERE for other’s to see and benefit from?

I had shared my own deep pattern with my client that previous day, so it was up for me to look at and gain more insight…I had been hiding my financial wealth for years so that my clients would believe I understood where they were coming from, that I would be seen as reachable, available, and compassionate to their drive to succeed.

I sacrificed my own wealth so that I would be accepted as someone who had to work hard.
I sacrificed my own success because my value pattern was on autopilot trying proving my value!
So…if I was in sacrifice, that means…I was being who I really am, loving luxury, thinking big, investing in my success with financial and time commitments and at the SAME TIME, sabotaging those actions with patterns that leaked my energy, my financial wealth, and my focus (quite a few obvious patterns by the way, I won’t bore you with the details unless you really want to know, then by all means let me know and I will share the goods!).

I looked to the biggest bugaboo in the room.

Why wasn’t my work out there? Why wasn’t I speaking publicly? Why wasn’t I stepping up and into that path?

I am clearly a natural speaker, lol!

And then, bam.

My energetic experiences. When my mom died, it was a slow tragic parting. It took many years and it was crushing to witness. We were very close, she is irreplaceable as all mothers are.

She sabotaged her happiness. Yup. And in the end, she was happy. It’s true. Despite the hell she had gone through, in last few years of her beautiful life, her laugh could be heard from one end of the hospital ward to another. She was living in Grace. She was free. She was happy and in the moment.

Enter me.
Super my mom’s kid and not at all at the same time. I was the intense one, ever heard that one before?
Miss Serious over here. She taught me how to be a goof to alleviate my strategy and analysis brain, thank GODDESS for my wise Wise Woman mother.

So…when my mom went down, I kind of went with her.

I had been bold most of my life, pretty fearless, about most things atleast.

But when this amazing, also bold and fearless, woman was no longer able to pick up a cup, no longer able to open the door to get outside, no longer able to call me and say hello. I crashed. And I burned.

I kept up appearances of course. I was tough. Still am. That is part of taking part in intuitive coaching. I have to be.

But inside, a freakin mess of energetic WOO. Yup. Spirit decided I would go through my initiation at the same time as losing my mom…wtf? Well, it makes sense to me now, I was at my most vulnerable and most available.

Enter earlier this year.

At times, still, I was an energetic mess and hiding it when I was challenged with being competent-oh yeah, saboteur, I let you in on her game right? She also has a knack for showing up where you are super charged and talented to, well…., sabotage your success. Imagine that? 😉

Here’s the point.
I got it.
I freakin got it.

I haven’t been supporting my getting my work out there, speaking out there, because my dominant pattern has been trying to prove my value as a ‘compassionate, non wealthy woman connected to real life and business women who understands financial struggle and drive to be bigger and better.’

Wow, talk about a hidden judgement on wealth right? I had it all figured out, all doors, and paths, closed to wealth. With me so far?

So…I saw my hidden pattern… saw my saboteur…I could see my life actually being lived by my natural me, where was the hook and the drain?…and then it all hit me.

My energetic experiences were serving one purpose.

To Sabotage breaking free of the dominant pattern.

So all of this has been a ruse?

Yes. Wait, you mean, this was all to keep me smaller? Stuck in ‘trying to prove I am worth it’ mode?

Fricken yes.

Now, that might not excite you, lol! But it excites me.


Because now the light is on. THE LIGHT IS ON!

best intuitive coaching

The switch has been flipped to the ON position!

I get it. I can choose out of it. I am choosing out of it.

Determination it takes, yes.

Warrioress energy it takes, yes at times.

Claiming back my freedom? YES!!


For you?

Where are you experiencing your Saboteur? Look from behind her shoulder, get some perspective on the finger pointing. Where is she focused?

Then…get the Aha. What is she really trying to keep you from having? I bet it is something you have wanted for a LONG time. Yes?

So now…can you claim back your independence from her opinion?

And your energetic experiences?

Can you see where the connection lives? Where you have held yourself back?

Break free? Yes you can.

Use your intuition. Insert clarity. Perspective. Expanded Awareness.

Use your ability to be the Wise Woman to assist you in claiming that path you know you are here to walk.

I send my blessings to you, to all you do,

With Love,
Kaeleya Rayne, Intuitive Coach

As always, we are here for you. If you find that these letters move you towards me, there is a reason and it is worth checking out.

There is a Divine Right Tribe gathering within many circles on this planet…you may be hearing the call to step in and be in your wholeness within the Sisterhood of this Sacred Circle.

Reach out to us anytime, We Are Here! Utilize my intuitive coaching.
Kaeleya Rayne and Team


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