Hi, I’m Kaeleya Baerwyn Rayne. I am a mother and a wife, author, mentor and coach.


I was a full time model for 9 years, when I left that world to start my own business in 1996; training women intuitively to listen to their bodies, I helped many women turn a body that had once resisted ideal health and fitness into a willing and loving partner. Then, in 1998, I began working on the energy of the body, communicating with the emotional pain of my clients.


It’s then that I started discovering how much I loved doing business, and uncovered the vision for my life’s work in 2004.


I founded Sacred Wealth Fempreneurs with the desire to help women use their natural gifts like superpowers, to use their drive to make the world a better place, to earn a bigger income, make a bigger impact, live a deeply satisfying life and fully claim their sacred power, their sacred wealth and success.


I am deeply passionate about helping women bring their sacred work out into the world. My focus is to work with my clients closely, to help them to build better businesses that align with their vision, their energy signature, and their mission and to shine the light on other women and men’s work through publicly shared deep conversations.

Why I do what I do:

“I have a vision of the world being led into generational global peace and positive planetary change through the conscious evolution and conscious leadership of business leaders throughout the world who are connected and aligned to the Divine Feminine both in their Intelligence and in their Wisdom,” explains Kaeleya. “And who embody the energy of positive global change in every level of their leadership, mind, heart, body and soul.

I am here to create a communication bridge between the land and humans; between the Higher Self and the Deepest Heart of the Self to the Self.

To serve others in becoming highly evolved beings, to elevate their high potential to work with the mind, to heal the past and the future, and the path as they share their healing path with the world-and very recently, I have discovered through this business summit, that I am also here to illuminate the amazing and sacred work of Others by engaging in conversation with and bringing attention to their work in the online world.“


With Spirits and energies

“I am what is known as a channel, I am operating as a listener and a whisperer, a knower, and a seer. My life is mostly in immersion with Spirit and the energies around me, husband, child, animals, trees, and the sea when I am lucky enough to be around her.

I see what is hidden in another that keeps them in pain, and out of alignment with their true desires. It is why I can uncover and make sense of the inner obstacles that are showing up in the outer world of success and business.

I started doing this work of listening and working with energy near 5, my parents never alluded to me that they were not living this way, in fact, it wasn’t until I was 16 that I realized that my mother could not see energy, and that everyone else was not necessarily communicating this way.”


The Mission

“Our Mission, through coaching and private mentorship, is to inspire the hearts, empower the bodies and blaze new pathways in the minds of women in business throughout the world.

Using methodologies created over the last 15 years, we significantly increase perspective and performance in order to achieve happiness and success through the practice of living in conscious leadership. We seek to grow our tribe of Divine Feminine Leaders so that we may fill our global community with the bright lights of elevated consciousness for generations to come.

I support Spiritual Entrepreneurs so that they can become energy aware and create an irresistible business so that they can powerfully bring their work out into the world and claim their sacred wealth and worth.”


Kaeleya’s message to you

“What if down deep in our bones we know? We know our voices matter. We know our voices are going to change the world. We know we are wise. We know we are sacred. And we know, that in order for us to fully claim our sacred wealth, we must claim our sacred path.

Your mission and your vision for your work is literally asking for you to flow your wisdom and our brilliance into your business. and create a literal vibrational resonance that leads to magnetic alignment and an irresistible business.

Build a clear roadmap to your desires using all of the power of your wisdom, intuition and connection to spirit. Remember, you have to set the intention for the energy to flow. You don’t have to do it alone. You don’t have to drag yourself along for the ride. You don’t have to be in sacrifice and constant discomfort.”


With Love,

Kaeleya XO