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Are you ready to use the Power of your Divine Feminine Presence to do what you truly came here to do with Ease, Love and Joy?

I believe there is a unified force for good that can come through the heart of each business, a force that creates change for the good of all and transforms thousands, even millions, of lives…and that force for good comes through you and the power of your Feminine Spiritual Energy.

I believe the world is calling you as a woman in business to truly rise up into your Power, and now more than ever, you are being asked to understand that as you rise, the world rises with you.

You are here on purpose for a Sacred Purpose.
Your growth grows the world. Your love loves the world. And your Light Shines out to every corner of this planet we call home.

You are here to rise into a more expanded paradigm of thought and experience, and by doing so, energize a new way, a brighter way, for all of humanity to rise with you.

This is the call of the Spiritual Business Woman.
To Heal Self and, to Love…
…to Shine Light and to bring a new level of awareness to the capacity and power of feminine energy to Create a Rise for ALL Women…
…to Choose TRUE Empowerment of Self and Choice…
…to Earn More Money with way more love, more joy and more ease for the Blessings of All.

When you do business in the heart of your Power you…

Know Exactly How to Be a Powerful Chooser and easily and quickly work through overwhelm, confusion and chaos to come back to a place of grounded perspective.

Naturally and Authentically Gain Momentum, accelerate your income growth and your ability to make a positive impact…

Attract More Money, More Joy and More Love.

Experience Deep Clarity, make higher level decisions, and take the specific and clear actions that puts you in the driver’s seat with your most brilliant work and Self.

Use Your Spirituality And Your Key Gifts Like Superpowers that gather the forces of your wisdom, your energy, your experience, and your knowledge and use them to propel your business and your message.

Live In An Empowered State of Mind. Your power struggles with yourself literally fall away. You no longer doubt your capacity to make a powerful difference and stop wondering, once and for all!, if you can truly create the life you dream of, living in a much deeper level of prosperity, financial success, health and happiness.

Trust Your Own Wisdom and Intuition which creates a leap over any obstacles and onto the path that directly leads you to the results you are looking for.

Transcend Your Stories and you see the world and your business with new eyes. You see opportunities and abundance everywhere which means more leads, more positive partnerships, and a bigger vision for your business.

Consciously Communicate from a place of confidence and clarity, and finally experience the true power of your potential.

Step Into The Flow of a sweeter, happier life with Grace and Ease.

You are the Solution you seek for your business and the world. You are the Answer you’ve been waiting for.


Kaeleya Baerwyn Rayne, an Intuitive Channel, is a Communication Bridge for Divine Feminine Energy.

She believes that women are being awakened to see their beauty, to the Superpowers of their Key Gifts and to the Power of their Feminine Energy so that they can truly rise up into their fullest expression, make a difference in the world and live a deeply rich and authentic life.

She believes that spiritual women in business are meant to gather their power and step up into their Divine Feminine Energy, and step out into the world of bigger business, leading powerfully with honour, integrity and transparency. She believes this level of conscious leadership will cause a tip, a shift, in the way the world operates and will catalyze positive change and impact millions of lives.

Kaeleya’s clients often experience a rapid acceleration in business and personal growth and find themselves experiencing a clear sense of Self and the ability to create an irresistible business they love that feels right down deep inside and directly lines them up with higher levels of wealth and success and happiness.

How do they get there?

Kaeleya believes that when we strip away the layers of old story, and we align ourselves to the higher Spiritual Laws, we can reclaim and reconnect with the True Self, our Core Essence, and literally Live a New Life. Confidence, and Clarity break us free and enter into our awareness and beingness..

This supports us to step out of the constrained thoughts and beliefs and into the full beauty of our Divine Feminine, plugging us into a powerful source of flow, love, peace, and joyful fulfillment. She also believes that each one of us has a Sacred Soul Purpose, a reason for being here that is aligned with a force for good, a force that wants to be used to create a fundamental and Positive Change for Humanity.

To support stepping into the change, Kaeleya empowers her clients to transcend their stories, to heal the relationship to the Self, and to see their Key Gifts and Feminine Energy as their Superpowers.

Kaeleya helps her clients stay steady, make sense of the mess, break the limiting cycles of actions and dissolve the glass ceilings!

She is there FOR THEM and WITH THEM to intuitively guide them through the process of making high level decisions and taking aligned actions, so that they can receive their highest good, create sacred wealth and success for the good of all, and TRULY live the life they dream of living with Ease, Love and Joy.