Welcome Beauty!


Hi I’m Kaeleya, and I am here to help you create Sacred Wealth and Success, earn WAY more money, and feel amazing while you bring your great work out into the world, to truly live life on your terms and live the life you dream of living.


I am an Energy Sensitive Entrepreneur turned Energy Super Powered Entrepreneur who GETS that ride! Inside and out. I learned how to flip my switch and I can help you too.


I know what it is like to feel torn and tired from hiding from your true power, dancing in and out of doubt and anxiety that you can actually really do what you came here to do, wondering how to change and take charge of your power,…wondering if you really have what it takes to truly master your energy and sensitivities so that you can feel amazing, so that you can stay confident, steady and focused, and REALLY step into the level of success you dream of for yourself and the powerful impact you want to make on the world.


So….If you are spinning your wheels and feel like you will never get ahead because no matter how much you earn, it’s never enough, or no matter how many zero’s or how much money you see in your bank account, you still feel like you could lose it all at any moment, there is a secret shift you must have, you MUST unleash the power of your energy and align with the energetics of making money.


If you feel like you aren’t attracting enough ideal clients or your clients completely drain your energy, or you are so burned out, overwhelmed and exhausted from trying to manage your energy, your life and your business all at the same time, the vital missing secret shift you MUST have is to unleash the power of your energy so that you can truly co create with spirit, your intuition and your body’s wisdom in order to truly lead your irresistible business with complete clarity, confidence and effectiveness, finally claim your sacred wealth and worth, and get real lasting results in your business.

Are you ready for the Shift?

Kaeleya has combined very unique life long skills with powerful and accessible methods that can produce profound results in others.

Jim Lutes | Best Selling Author, Master Entrepreneur, and Founder of Lutes International
Kaeleya is a powerhouse. She has such a fire inside of her and helps you to find yours in a way that is so supportive and nurturing, you don't even realize you are in the process of awakening your inner Goddess! Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her dedication to her clients is unwavering. She is solid and strong, and yet so caring and in tune to the subtle energies. Her insights are invaluable, and I am honored and blessed to have her steady guidance.

Alexia Neonakis | Vedic Astrologer, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Nutritional Cleansing Coach
Kaeleya is an unmatched force of brilliance, radiance and grace. She lives and breathes the mission of her work in the world. She empowers and inspires women to embody their own natural gifts to launch them into the life and business of their dreams.Harsimrit Kaur Khalsa | Meditation Guide for Coaches and Healers
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